Taking the pups to the next level!

Yonder the agility champ! 
Lillie visited Yonder this year! 2016

2/2016 What “next level” means.. Even better lines.. I just love this breed! They are sweet tempered, loyal, gorgeous and healthy. Their friendly disposition is a genetic trait, unlike the smooth coated Chihuahua. To cuddle in your lap is their goal in life! Lillie is a wonderful mother and breeding her has been a great … [Read more…]

Sunny and Sandy and their story

sandy nursing

Meet Sunny the Jersey cow. This is really a story about what a farm manager deals with on a daily basis. This is cow drama. This story emphasizes how dependent we are on God’s help over His creation. Now, to leave a farm to go on a wonderful tropical vacation takes crazy preparations and rigmarole. … [Read more…]

Finally!! Real Sourdough Bread


BOOM! Here she is in all her glory! My victory. Years, I really mean years, of trying and failing. I am ecstatic over this wonderful loaf of tangy, moist, chewy wonderfulness. This process of “fermenting” the wheat breaks down the acids in the grain, making all the goodness of wheat more bio-available and easier to … [Read more…]

Summer Brew! Blueberry Raspberry


It all starts here, in the garden. Luscious blueberries, tart raspberries. The kombucha brew is infused with berry mash for 2-3 days to pull out all the berry goodness. This kombucha is strained. Flavor: tart with a tiny berry sweetness. Berries are super foods! To order, email me at jeffandlizdodson@gmail.com