A Dream Come True


We wanted to introduce ourselves and say hello! I’m Liz of Dodson’s Promised Land Farm, owner, founder and farmer. Hopefully I can take some time from gardening, harvesting, baking, spinning and all of the other wonderful things I do to keep the farm in excellent condition, to write about the blessed life I live here on the farm. This is what my son calls a mini-farm. I like that. No silos, fancy tractors or big barns here. We’re not a mega-farm or a large-quantity producer. Its just us, our passion for organic, clean, high-quality farming and our love for the soil, our animals and the harvest. I get my hay down the road from another local farmer. We have a blessed 18 acres and farm about 6 of those acres. It’s not just small farming, but mini-farming.  The advantage to you, is that every food item you buy is just what I would serve my family. There are no short cuts, here, to produce a bigger profit.  Small farmers work mighty hard for little money. Why? Because we love what we do.

Check out the [About] section for the background story of our farm. It all started one day when my husband, Jeff, and I were walking some back road in Pennsylvania. We saw the farms, the mountain views, the openness. We felt the peace. We smelled the fresh air. We knew we wanted to get out of the suburbs and raise our boys in this atmosphere. Sounds so dreamy, huh? Well, it was the hardest thing we’d ever done and we still work till our bones hurt. But it is the fulfilling kind of blood, sweat and tears. This kind of tired makes you sleep deeply, laugh at life, and pray with passion.

Our motto: Through wisdom is a house built; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the rooms be filled with all precious and pleasant treasures. Proverbs 24:3-4

So stay tuned. Next subject will be how and why we do Organic. Feel free to write in with any questions you have about the farm, our products or procedures. We’re 100% transparent here and excited to share our blessed farm with you.


 In all labor there is gain. [Proverbs 14.23]



Liz Dodson