Blackberry is back!

You come back to your comfort food again and again and it is oh, so delicious and just makes you happy inside!

Our premiere flavor of Kombucha tea, Blackberry is back and better than ever. I have a little experience under my belt, now.

The tea base is Republic of Tea Blackberry Sage and I added some organic white tea for an extra antioxidant boost. This combo is brewed for about 7 days in our secret Kombucha closet until it is bubbly and slightly sweet-tart.


Then those juicy blackberries! I am not kidding, these are from my husband’s grandmother’s garden. They were picked at the height of the summer and frozen. So you get sweet summer goodness a bit early.

I add a handful of blackberries to each jar and second ferment the “Booch” for 24 hours until it is flavorful and super-bubbly.

Blackberry Ktea is an excellent and healthy alternative to soda or sweetened juices. This would make wonderful frozen popsicles for the kiddos! Let the tea ferment and sour a bit more on your counter and use for a wonderful vinaigrette base.


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