Liz’s Creamy Herb dressing

Salad season is here at the farm! 5/21/14 Our Super Salad mix will be available very soon. Here is a recipe that pairs absolutely perfectly with our salad mix. Our Ktea mayo is made with fully fermented Kombucha tea, which resembles apple cider vinegar in taste, but is filled with billions of beneficial probiotics which … [Read more…]

Happy Puppy Owners Reviews

3/15/2015 Just had to share. Josie is an amazing and entertaining puppy. We love her dearly. Her disposition is the best. Liz you do a great job breeding the perfect Chi. Josie just discovered how to go up a few stairs and is very proud of herself. By the way she is pretty much housebroken … [Read more…]

In The Kitchen: Bread Making

plf bread-3

There are a couple reasons I have developed such an extreme method to baking my own bread. One was the alarming number of people I knew having stomach issues. I set out to do my part to help my family NOT go down that road. So when I started reading about phytic acid in the … [Read more…]

A Dream Come True

We wanted to introduce ourselves and say hello! I’m Liz of Dodson’s Promised Land Farm, owner, founder and farmer. Hopefully I can take some time from gardening, harvesting, baking, spinning and all of the other wonderful things I do to keep the farm in excellent condition, to write about the blessed life I live here … [Read more…]