Liz’s Creamy Herb dressing

Salad season is here at the farm! 5/21/14 Our Super Salad mix will be available very soon. Here is a recipe that pairs absolutely perfectly with our salad mix. Our Ktea mayo is made with fully fermented Kombucha tea, which resembles apple cider vinegar in taste, but is filled with billions of beneficial probiotics which … [Read more…]

Blackberry is back!


You come back to your comfort food again and again and it is oh, so delicious and just makes you happy inside! Our premiere flavor of Kombucha tea, Blackberry is back and better than ever. I have a little experience under my belt, now. The tea base is Republic of Tea Blackberry Sage and I … [Read more…]

Ready. Set. Hoe!


I have had my hands in the dirt, ever since I was a wee lass. For this I was born, to plant and grow and harvest. I sure wish my body agreed with my mind. Just to whine for a second, I have rheumatoid arthritis. But I will not let it stop me. I will … [Read more…]

Wheat update


With all the talk of the dangers of wheat and the new trend towards gluten-free diets, I have some information that will add to the conversation. I believe that much of the gut problems with wheat are due to 3 things: 1. Improper preparation. Slowly soaking wheat in an acid medium (I use kefir whey) … [Read more…]

February is for LOVE

LOVE living in the Promised Land!

Hearts. Pink and Red. Chocolate. Snuggles. Cuddling by the fire. Cozy lambskin rug. Sweet strawberries. And a bubbly drink to share and toast the good life. Sound good? This is how to battle winter blues. See the beauty around you! This month’s Ktea flavor is full of LOVE! We brew Raspberry Hibiscus Tea until it … [Read more…]

Boutique Gallery

Local Alpaca spun up thick, hand dyed and garnished with a felted flower

These are all prototypes. I mostly do not follow patterns. Nothing is for sale as of yet. The process is so slow and painstaking to make each article. BUUUT that is not saying that one day soon, I will get better at knitting and crank out some delicious something and sell it for a doable … [Read more…]

Cleaning up with Rootbeer Ktea

Old Fashioned Rootbeer Kombucha tea

After all the festivites, I believe our bodies know it is time to get healthy! You can work out at the gym all you want,but if your insides are not in order, not much gain for the pain. Good health starts inside and radiates out. What if taking a delicious bubbly shot glass of Rootbeer … [Read more…]