Finally!! Real Sourdough Bread

BOOM! Here she is in all her glory! My victory. Years, I really mean years, of trying and failing. I am ecstatic over this wonderful loaf of tangy, moist, chewy wonderfulness. This process of “fermenting” the wheat breaks down the acids in the grain, making all the goodness of wheat more bio-available and easier to digest. Traditions from our great-grandparents that we have put aside, and I aim to revive!

004The trick? It was the culture, mostly. Here’s where I purchased my first culture. Donna Schwenk writes that she mixed cultures from Russian and Finland. Wow.
sour dough starter

Sourdough culture also picks up local beneficial bacteria, so now PLF little guys are in that mix. Cool!

The bread came out wonderful first thing but it wasn’t tangy enough for my taste-buds…so more experimenting took place. It seems the little buggars peter out after too long “fermenting”. I wanted that lump of dough to rise really slow, about 24 hours, but it kept just deflating. Another lump in the trash. Boo.

THEN I played around with the original process by adding only half of the freshly milled whole wheat flour, and then adding and stirring every now and again. Yeah, that’s how I roll over here, so when you ask for a recipe, I usually give you a smirky face.
elsa smirk
A word about the wheat I use:
I use Montana Wheat products because they do not use glysophate on their crops. This is so important in my mind, as much of the problems with wheat allergies seem to point fingers to this terrible method of farming. The farmers (not the good ones) spray the grain days before harvest to kill the plant, to time the harvest with dry weather and to kill weeds for the next crop. Yuck. Also, Montana Wheat certifies no pesticides are in their wheat and they don’t use any GMO wheat. I like their philosophy.

Read more about Wheat Montana here.
The ingredients are so simple. Another reason to love this process. I mill the wheat, add water and sourdough culture. Let it ferment, then add local honey and olive oil and sea salt. That’s it!
You can order your sourdough starter from Cultured Food Life or you can let the pros do it for you!

NEXT experiment?? Sourdough Rye! Oh man, just thinking about it makes my mouth water! I want it to look just like this:

Email me at $8.00 for a large loaf and we do ship, Minimum 2 loaf order because shipping would be crazy expensive for you.