Grape Kombucha Tea: capturing late summer


Announcing our next flavor in our seasonal fruit flavors from the farm!
Grape infused Ktea.


The grape harvest has been amazing! The late summer concord grapes are at their peak. I love the smell of concord grapes and adore their flavor.


The floral hints in White tea combines perfectly with our grapes. This tea is full of impressive benefits because the leaves are minimally processed. Read more here about white tea.


After the tea is fermented, I strain it and add a generous portion of grapes to second ferment. Second fermenting infuses the goodness and flavors of the grapes into the tea.

The infused tea turns a gorgeous shade of purple and gains more effervescence, naturally.


You can either strain out the grapes before serving, or serve like we do, with the fruit. The skins and seeds are all beneficial. Personally, I love to crunch on the seeds! Read here on the benefits of eating grapeseeds.

Here’s to your health!


  • And they came to the Valley of Eshcol and cut down from there a branch with a single cluster of grapes, and they carried it on a pole between two of them; they also brought some pomegranates and figs.