I LOVE my puppy, now what?

NOW What?
Disclaimer: I am no expert or dog trainer or vet, BUT I have raised a few of these Chis. So for what it is worth, here’s my advice on a plan of action when you bring your pup home. NOTE:The pictures shown are pups that have been sold. email us for available pups!

A Routine
I have noticed Chis like a scheduled routine. It is safe and expected. We get up at the same time, eat at the same time, go outside and poop at the same time, cuddle at the same time. It really works.

Chis are naturally a bit anxious, probably because of their teeny stature. So a dark, quiet and warm little hideout is comforting. This would be a perfect place for their bed. These pups are very intimidated when people, especially little people, just want to run after them and grab them. This will really cause problems later with coming when called. So reward each time they come to you and try not to grab them up, even though they are the cutest thing ever and you want to love all over them. Be patient and quiet and let them come to you! So important. I tap on the floor while I call and this is our sign I mean it when I say come.
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It sounds boring, but the same thing twice daily is best. Their little tummies are so touchy with changes. And please, please only feed them little amounts, unless you want a fat ugly Chihuahua with health issues later. Follow the weight to amount guidelines on your feed. These dogs will trick you into feeling guilty that they are starving to death. Don’t fall for this. Just so much and no more. (Remember Otto!) Think about that little tummy. Some people food is good: eggs, yogurt, meat, cheese, but in teeny amounts introduced gradually, and NOT when you are eating or you will have a beggar on your hands. I also supplement my adult dogs with cod liver oil, yogurt whey and some raw organ meat. Since they are so small, you can afford the good brands of dog food. I do wet food in the morning and dry at night.


Added 7/16:  Beware of hypoglycemia in any small dog!  If you are taking one of our pups home, I recommend that you already have Nutrical on hand and give them a dose for their first few days up to a week for precaution. Here’s a great article.
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Like I said, routine is best. The pups come to you already trained to potty on a pee pad. They are still babies, so there will be accidents. They will pee a little when they get excited, so normal! That will stop tinkling when they get more comfortable and grow a little more. They normally go poopy after they eat. So I feed, then take my “pups” outside to go, even in winter. I would start out with a crate or cage with a pee pad.  Good article on crate training!  They naturally do not want to pee in their bed, but can’t hold it all night yet. So over time I would reduce the size of the pee pad and put another pee pad where you want them to potty.  If you continue with the pad, be aware that they will think any kind of little rug is a pee pad, and remove rugs from their play area. They just can’t be expected to know the difference there. Sooo…
Lots of praise when they do it right! Read other ideas and then stick to your plan.
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Lots of LOVE
This breed loves, loves, loves cuddles. Please make a time that that pup just sits on your lap and gets cuddles and scratches and tummy rubs. Turning them over on their backs gently and soothing them helps establish that you are the boss and can be trusted. I still have to give my boy lessons on that sometimes. I just look him in the eye, turn him on his back and speak gently that I am the queen of his world and he will obey. Ha! This cuddle time makes them secure and confident. Nothing like a spastic needy dog to turn people off to your dog.
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Daily Care
I rarely bathe them, only when they get into something stinky or muddy. They are inside dogs mostly, so they don’t smell doggy. I think you could bathe them weekly if you really wanted to. Brushing is the best for keeping them clean and soft. I do their nails just when they need it. Since mine are outside more on the concrete porch, their nails get worn down. But it’s really easy to just use a people nail clipper and clip their nails when they are relaxing on your lap.
These are inside dogs and do NOT belong outside for more than 15 or so minutes when it is below 50 degrees!
I am not a fan of the idea that dogs need to socialize with other dogs. Other dogs have other germs and parasites. Do you really want those? Your dog needs to socialize with YOU. If you think your pup needs a friend, get another pup from us! Perfect solution.
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Well, this is where I might lose you. I am not a fan of vets. They love to upsell you and make you feel guilty if you do not have every single shot and pill and procedure done =$ $ $. Since I have experience with the farm animals, I have taken over most of the vet care for my animals. Giving shots is really easy and you can get most meds online. All the pups really need after they leave here is the last booster for the vaccinations, spayed or neutered, tick meds, rabies shots and tested for worms or wormed twice a year. The best thing for them is healthy food and love! If you have your pup mostly inside, you should not have parasites. Please read and develop your own plan and budget for vet care. Don’t just let a vet talk you into needless care. Check out this article on vaccinations!! update 3/17 this article on vaccinations..please read!

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Bottom line…don’t take my word here, it is just my experience and very cheap advice! But enjoy that little one! This is your pup now and your baby needs you.

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Check out the AKC website