Meet the family dog of the Promised Land Farm; Bodie. by Leah Kinlein

My niece came to visit and she and Bodie made such great friends that she took some great pics and wrote this little piece about our guardian angel. It will give you a smile as big as Bodie’s
This fluffy pup is a Great Pyrenees, or also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. He is large and stocky, and covered in soft white fur.
You can see Bodie around the farm during the day, usually relaxing in the grass or on the porch.
When people come outside, he walks up to greet them and nuzzles his face in your hands, hoping for some pets.
bodie 3
One interesting thing about Bodie is that he has double rear dewclaws, which are the back claws that some animals have. This does not affect anything other than his appearance, and earned him many funny nicknames.
bodie with wings
Once Bodie gets to know you (and you give him enough pets), he will be your shadow and your faithful guardian.
Archie and Bodie

Thanks Leah! We think he’s pretty great, too.