Watch Your Words: Grass Fed-Beef and buzz words

Tender juicy pasture raised beef

We have quarters of beef available for your freezer.  $4.00 lb. hanging weight. We take deposits to reserve your quarter. email us at for more information. Recently a local nutritionist contacted me to ask the question, and rightly so, why would we “grain finish” our steers if we had them so healthy on pasture. … [Read more…]



This is our most popular herb sold in bunches for $3.50. Each bunch usually has flowers, berries and both kinds of leaves, lacy and flat. Cilantro is an herb with wide delicate lacy green leaves and a pungent flavor. The seed of the cilantro plant is known as coriander. Although cilantro and coriander come from … [Read more…]

Super salad!


I am just having too much fun with this! I go out to my garden early in the dewy morn, and put together what looks and tastes good for my customers. You know I must love you all, because I am out there at 8am tasting each kind of greens to make sure it is … [Read more…]

Salad and Herbs and the Battle with Bugs


If you grow veggies, you will sooner or later have bug problems. Bugs know good food when they see it! Old timers just go out and dust with Sevin or Carbaryl. Read this! ( It is much easier to mass kill all the bugs. But to me, it’s not worth growing my own food if … [Read more…]

Home and Stink Bugs in My Shoes


We just came back from a visit to Southern California. A gorgeous place to be sure. One thing that amazed me..barely any bugs! You can really keep your door open and the warm, dry jasmine scented breezes just flow through. It truly is nice place to live. Then I came home. Home. Humidity. Bugs. Yeah, … [Read more…]

Crazy About Homemade 1 : Feta Cheese

My crazy obsession to all things homemade started with canning garden produce, progressed to whole wheat bread, then into the amazing world of dairy. Once you taste, you have a hard time settling for store bought. Homemade just seems to fill this deep need inside and leaves you feeling so very pioneer woman, and content … [Read more…]


On a blustery Saturday in March, eight friends ventured out to the Maryland countryside to gather at the PLF for a felting class. We combined the class with a tea luncheon, complete with homemade goodies right off the farm. Our herb tea collection was on display and as each lady arrived, they were invited to … [Read more…]

Puppy Philosophy

I have been gifted by God with the awesome ability to grow veggies, herbs, livestock AND these sweet little chis.  I love it.  But is not the worker worth her wages?  These pups are worth their price!  You really do get what you pay for with breeders. The is the philosophy of breeding chihuahuas … [Read more…]