The Wisdom of Our Grandparents


I was reading an article about lard at and was inspired to keep on the path that God started many years ago.  Back then,  in an effort to feed my family right, I was bit with some kind of bug that caused an insatiable desire to read about health issues.  This put me on a long … [Read more…]

In The Kitchen: Bread Making

plf bread-3

There are a couple reasons I have developed such an extreme method to baking my own bread. One was the alarming number of people I knew having stomach issues. I set out to do my part to help my family NOT go down that road. So when I started reading about phytic acid in the … [Read more…]

Our Take On “Organic”

The title “organic” has been hijacked by corporate farming and it brings big money. When you read “Organic” on a product label, it evokes an image of naturally grown food, free of toxins, thus much healthier for your family. That sells! But what does it really mean? In the grocery store today, it means that … [Read more…]

A Dream Come True

We wanted to introduce ourselves and say hello! I’m Liz of Dodson’s Promised Land Farm, owner, founder and farmer. Hopefully I can take some time from gardening, harvesting, baking, spinning and all of the other wonderful things I do to keep the farm in excellent condition, to write about the blessed life I live here … [Read more…]