PUPdate 2016

How to reserve a puppy

Our adorable pups are $800-1000 to adopt so a 1/2 deposit reserves a pup for you. The deposit is refundable if you change your mind, or circumstances change. It works like this, when the pup is reserved by another person, then I will send your money back to you. But I have not had that happen, as these pups are so super special and adorable, you fall in love the minute you lay your eyes on them! Deposits need to be cash in person or money order by mail.
Contact us jeffandlizdodson@gmail.com for info.
Sorry, we do not ship our puppies.

UPDATE October 2016: A successful breed with Courageous Little Bear and pups due Nov 28, 2016

email me if you are interested at jeffandlizdodson@gmail.com


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1/6/2016 We sadly announce that our male, Scottie has passed away. He will be missed badly, he was my best buddy and comfort for his happy life on this earth. I am currently seeking a male for Lillie and may have an announcement very soon. This next pairing may be a stud that I have very carefully researched, so stay tuned!

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Two Chis fit perfectly into one lap!

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  • Catherine

    Hello, 3 1/2 years ago I took a chi to rescue; he stole my heart – unfortunately, a month ago I opened a new bag of food and my poodle and chi both were sick. The chi was small, so he went downhill rapidly, my poodle eliminated the food within an hour. The chi, Louis, did not. Louis only lasted 3 days from the time I opened that bag of food. My poodle is so forlorn, and I am missing my little clown. I am considering another chi, but wanted more informaiton; with the long hair chi’s do they shed as much as the smooth coat?

    I am looking at your website and I am very impressed; I cook for my babies, as well – carrots and green beans, occasionally a little chicken and rice; but veggies every day. I love my babies so much; and I really want another; but I am frightened because of coming to love Louis so much and then losing him. I think I would prefer a female, my little poodle is a toy male. I am retiring the end of June, so am thinking it would give me a lot of pleasure to have a little one!

    Thank you,
    Catherine Breeden