Puppy Philosophy

Puppies_ May2011-6
I have been gifted by God with the awesome ability to grow things..garden veggies, herbs, livestock AND these sweet little chis.  I love it.  But is not the worker worth her wages?  These pups are worth their price!  You really do get what you pay for with breeders. The is the philosophy of breeding chihuahuas and honestly, all we grow and make at Dodson’s Promised Land Farm.  To give the buyer an excellent animal or product, beyond what they buy elsewhere-if you can even find a comparable product.

So I wanted to share some “Puppy Philosophy” with my customers.  It really is part of our family philosophy based on our faith in Jesus and His Word and living it out for real in this age of deception.  We have been given this little slice of land.  We are stewards of this land and the animals on it.  I take this very seriously.  Each animal is loved and fed the best foods, given the best health care and attention to nutrition for their growth.  Everything from cows to cats. Each animal has a purpose on the farm and makes a contribution.

My son started this journey years ago.  Then mom took it over.  We learned the breeding ropes as we went.   As the years of experience taught lessons, I could see I needed to either improve the lines of chis, or quit breeding.  I took a break. Then I really missed the whole  process and started looking around for another female.  I decided on long coat because I love their cuteness, the eyes, the colors, their sweet nature and easy going temperament.

So I needed to find a female with excellent qualities, better lines.  So I bought Lillie.  Drove four hours and paid $1,200 for her.  I tell you the price for a reason.  She was worth it.  So why are my pups worth the price I ask?

How much would it cost to board your dog at a qualified and experienced dog boarder for 8 weeks?

How much would it cost to train your pup to be social to people and various animals, pee on a pad and come when called- all by an experienced trainer?

How much would it cost to have all the nutritional needs and first medical vaccinations and checks covered by an experienced animal handler for the first and most important weeks of your pups life?

Theses pups are worth the price I ask, probably much more…but the market sometimes dictates the price.  I am not into the show circles.  These pups are for pets.  I will say that Chis are not really great for small children who will grab at them.  This breed is excellent for older kids and folks who need a companion.  Their goal in life is to cuddle on your lap and have you adore them.

Lillie is 6 lbs., just right for a lap (NOTE:When choosing a stud for her, I also look to size, temperament and coloring). These pups are not teeny tiny dogs..like teacup chis.  I did not want to deal with the health problems of breeding teeny dogs, nor do you! But be assured our babies are like having a puppy forever.  This breed can thrive in an apartment or on a farm.  They adapt well and can get along with other dogs, cats..etc.  They eat teeny amounts of food and are affordable to keep, easy to train.

That’s my puppy philosophy.   I cherish the times I have with my pups cuddled in my lap.  This is surely the good life!  I want to share that blessing with all who are looking for this kind of dog.


3/2017 update on vaccination practices! please read this