Random goings on from the farm AND what’s a farm stay?

C’mon over!!



Want a break from the crazy rat race?
Doesn’t slowing down the pace of life and taking a walk down a quiet country lane sound good? Then come stay at the Promised Land Farm! We are offically an AirBnB host. You can go to airbnb.com and check out our reviews or book your stay! We are excited to try our hand at serving guests and sharing all we have been blessed with here.

Cows and such…

We had a healthy bull calf!! This is Ruby’s first calf and all went well. This boy is beautiful. There is just something fulfilling about seeing a calf nurse happily out in the field

I am training Ruby to go into the milking stall…
Dads Camera 776

soon I shall have my very own milk!

Sheep Shearing and other woolly matters..


The winter was hard on the sheep girls, but the fleece from Cinndee Lou was gorgeous! She is a Blue Faced Leicester/California Red cross. Long gorgeous shiny locks of softness. Phoebee’s lamb locks (Teeswater) came out nicely and washed up shiny and clean. Am working on lock spinning for some future project.

I know I’m pretty weird, but this is as weird as it gets: (well, I kinda like being weird) I am in the process of cleaning up Bodie’s (our Great Pyrenees) soft locks to spin into some super soft yarn. You have to see to believe! Makes lovely yarn.

We had a beautiful litter of girls this spring and all have gone to some super sweet and very happy people. I just love the whole process of raising these sweet pups and placing them in the hands of excited new pup owners. Here’s a very happy girl with her new pup!
happy girl

Strawberries are coming in!!
You just must try our newest Kombucha flavor..Tropical Strawberry! Made with our very own berries and a splash of pineapple juice. YUM!

From our little slice of paradise,