Sunny and Sandy and their story


Meet Sunny the Jersey cow.

This is really a story about what a farm manager deals with on a daily basis.
This is cow drama.
This story emphasizes how dependent we are on God’s help over His creation.

sunset 2
Now, to leave a farm to go on a wonderful tropical vacation takes crazy preparations and rigmarole. Sunny was due to calf and that was not a big deal, she had always had calves easily.
But this time it didn’t work out that way. She lost her calf. Very sad and also a loss for us..the beef for next fall, the milk for this winter. So it was a big deal.


On top of that, she developed terrible mastitis and was in bad shape from a difficult delivery of a large calf. It took working with her steady for 3-4 days to keep her from bottle baby cow that gives me creamy wonderful milk. ugh!

Meet Sandy the Brown Swiss! Ain’t he adorable?

I called around to some local dairy farms and..miracle! I found a bull calf. So just stick that calf in the stall and he will nurse, right? Nope. It took 5 DAYS to teach him to nurse his adopted mother. Another miracle, she adopted him. She sang low to him, protected him from the scary man (my husband), and licked the calf and adored him.


Why not just milk Sunny? Answer: I would have to milk her every day, twice a day. If I keep the calf on her, she is happier, healthier and I can milk when I want!

sandy nursing

And they lived happily ever after.

  • Sue Long

    Hi Liz, we have a beef ranch in WI; bought 80 acres at ages 59 1/2 and never lived on a farm before. God is GOOD!!! Lots of stories on this whole thing-should start a blog…well anyway, we had a similar adventure winter 2017. Momma lost her baby 24hrs old; had a 3d abandoned bottlefed heifer so I prayed and tried something I had read in James Herriot book- I skinned the dead calf and made a cloak of her skin and covered the heifer with it. Mom took to her like fleas on a dog although it did take 2d for baby to figure out why this strange thing was singing to her and chasing her around the barnyard, and ME out of the yard as she was NOT going to let me feed her baby. 🙂 Anyway all is well that ends well; Esther (she was born on Easter Sunday morning) and her adopted mama are doing very well. I hope I never to have to do that again but thank God and Herriot, it can work!