Taking the pups to the next level!

What “next level” means..

Even better lines..
I just love this breed! They are sweet tempered, loyal, gorgeous and healthy. Their friendly disposition is a genetic trait, unlike the smooth coated Chihuahua. To cuddle in your lap is their goal in life! Lillie is a wonderful mother and breeding her has been a great experience. Her pups have turned out to be wonderful pets for some very happy customers
This is my Lillie (Miriachi Lillikoi)
Vet evaluation January 2016:
coat: healthy and soft
stool: free of parasites
tight patellas
eyes: normal and healthy
hips: good movement, no clicking
heart: good
teeth: nicely lined
Blood DNA test submitted and waiting


Next level..breeding with a champion!!
Here is Notorious Wild Blue Yonder OA OAJ NF
We plan to “visit” Yonder soon for a spring 2016 litter!

Next level…a new line and a new look!
Meet Courageous Little Bear. He is coming March 2016. Details to follow when he gets the all clear from my vet!

cory bear 8 weeks

Next level..including vet checks for all pups!
Dr. Brooke Ridinger at Catoctin Veterinary Clinic will be working with us to make sure these pups are PERFECT!