Pasture Raised Beef and Lamb

Grass fed, grain finished. It's the best of both worlds. Our beef is pasture raised on our farm and grazed on pure grass, out in open sunny space. We finish the beef off on local grain, free of all animal by-products. You can rely on the health of pasture raised beef, along with the amazing taste of a grain finish.

Our lamb is raised on the pasture and only given small amounts of local grain during the winter season to supplement their hay. We have a very small flock, so they are thoroughly spoiled and well-fed.
Both meats are processed at a local shop.

Pasture raised Lamb burger- $5.50 lb
Pasure raised Lamb sausage- $6.00 12 inch large link sausage

UPDATE 11/8/2014 Farmer's sampler packs available for $75.00
5 Packs ground beef, 2 packs stewing cubes, 1 large roast, 1 sirloin steak, 2 rib steaks, 1 tenderized round steak
Farm pick up. email us at for more information or to combine lamb and beef.


Price: $75.00

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